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Employee Handbook: Should You Buy or Write It

Employee Handbook: Should You Buy or Write It

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Establishing a new business is indeed hectic and keeps you busy all the time. You need to train employees to align their work and behavior according to your company’s vision. Aside from that, you also need to build a team that can aid you with communication, product development, marketing, and sales.  

All these activities can take a lot of time, which is why you should always have an employee handbook. The document would answer most of the questions an employee may have about the company.  

In this article, we shall discuss the importance of employee handbooks for startups and whether creating or buying one will be better. 

Why Do Startups Need an Employee Handbook? 

Every new business owner should have an employee handbook in place. It enables employees to have an in-depth idea about the company’s way of operation. This can reduce the time organizations spend on training employees for skills that are not directly related to their projects.  

Aside from that, an employee handbook can also help employers to create a professional and productive workplace. That’s why experts recommend startups create an employee handbook. 

Which Is Better: Writing an Employee Handbook or Buying? 

You can choose either one depending on your convenience. But do know that creating an employee handbook takes time. Due to this reason, many employers invest in employee handbook templates. Other employers, who like to create brand-new handbooks, hire a consultant for the job.  

According to some experts, both approaches are improper. For instance, it would cost thousands of dollars to hire a consultant for writing an employee handbook. Similarly, while using templates, businesses may get caught up with bylaws and policies, which only larger organizations can implement.  

Some experts also suggest writing the employee handbook. According to them, using a template isn’t wrong but one shouldn’t entirely copy the texts present in the template. Use the template as a guide to creating the structure and provision of your handbook. Make sure you change it so that it fits your company’s size, structure, industry and culture. 

How Often Should You Update Your Employee Handbook? 

Ideally, you should update your employee handbook yearly. It must also go through a review process every six months. When you’re not reviewing or updating, you can utilize the time to think about new policies to add or make changes to the old policies. When you’re done, you can share it with your employees to review, acknowledge, and sign.

No matter what option you choose, one thing is certain. You need to put in dedicated time and effort to create an employee handbook. Also, know that the template texts are just for reference. You need to create a handbook that is unique to your business and not something copied from other handbooks. 

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