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5 Stoic Practices You Can Try for Enhancing Your Lifestyle

5 Stoic Practices You Can Try for Enhancing Your Lifestyle

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Stoicism is a branch of philosophy that makes people more resilient, wiser, and happier. It is a tool for perseverance, self-mastery, and wisdom. Stoicism has been in practice for a long time. Several famous leaders like Marcus Aurelius, George Washington, Theodore Roosevelt, and others practiced it. The Roman Emperor Marcus Aurelius, the slave-turned prominent teacher Epictetus, and the playwright and political advisor Seneca were the ones who initiated the world to Stoicism. These three Stoics left a treasure trove of wisdom in the form of private diaries. Today, stoic practices are gaining popularity, and people are investing time in learning them.

Let us look at some stoic practices you can follow to enrich your life.

5 Stoic Practices You Must Try

Before delving into the stoic practices, let us learn the four virtues of Stoicism. They are 1) Courage, 2) Temperance, 3) Justice, and 4) Wisdom.

Marcus Aurelius writes, “If at some point in your life, you should come across anything better than justice, truth, self-control, courage—it must be an extraordinary thing indeed.” And indeed, after so many inventions and discoveries, man hasn’t come across anything better than these 4 virtues.

If you want to be a Stoic, follow these stoic practices diligently and you will witness a vast difference in your life and your thought process.

1. Journal

Journaling is nothing but examining each day of your life and creating a written account of it. In Stoicism, journaling is more than writing a diary. It is similar to preparing for the next day. You must enter everything without hiding or skipping anything that occurred on that particular day. Along with that, you will also frequently visit what you’ve written, turning them over and over in your mind and learning from your own experiences. Thus, journaling is an important stoic practice you follow daily, without fail.

2. Take the view from the above

This stoic practice is about zooming out and viewing life from a higher point. You envision all the people living in this world, take a perspective, and understand that you’re nothing more than a tiny spec. This view will change your perspectives and judgments on things – luxury, power, etc. Secondly, you must take a step back from your worries and focus on your duties towards others. Marcus Aurelius calls this practice “Plato’s view,” and by following it, you will have a better perception of your life and your responsibilities in this life.

3. Reflect on your mortality

Death is an inevitable phase every human has to undergo. And this is a constant reminder of why you should live a life of virtue now and forever. The famous Stoic  Epictetus wrote: “Keep death and exile before your eyes each day, along with everything that seems terrible— by doing so, you’ll never have a base thought nor will you have excessive desire.” Thus, reminding yourself every day that it could be your last day on the Earth, or you may never wake up tomorrow, you build your life second by second.

4. Love of fate

This Stoic practice is to embrace every moment in life with the same vigor. No matter how challenging or beautiful it is, loving or accepting all of it with the same spirit is important. Being just OK with the challenging moments is not sufficient. You must love them and embrace them, so obstacles become fuel for your potential.

5. Practice misfortune

This Stoic practice emphasizes the significance of practicing poverty. No matter how wealthy you are, it is important to set aside a few days to practice poverty for some time. Instead of anticipating misfortune, if you follow it you can overcome the fear of losing anything or anyone. It also helps you deal with emotions of anxiety and fear better.


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