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Top 5 Business Podcasts That are Worth Listening to

Most-Recommended Business Podcasts in 2024 for Business Owners

Have you checked out the most trending business podcasts of 2022 yet? If not, we give you the complete list below. 

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“Most people that I know are interested in on-demand stuff; podcasts are essentially audio Netflix.” ~ Jordan Harbinger. Podcasts are a great addition to your book-reading and video-watching routine. They help you multitask as you can finish other work while listening to your favorite person speak. And if you are a marketer or business owner, podcasts are a great way to learn new skills and implement them in your workplace. Have you checked out the most trending business podcasts of 2024 yet? If not, we will give you the complete list below.

Read. Note. Listen.

5 Most-Recommended Business Podcasts You Must Listen

In the following lines, we are going to cover these aspects in their entirety and learn more about them.

1. World Business Report

This is not a regular podcast but a quick finance and business news from BBC. BBC brings you a fresh scoop of news from the best journalists twice a day. The episodes are short, crisp, and information-loaded for the busy business owners who ditch lengthy podcasts. You can stay updated about what’s happening worldwide by simply tuning into this podcast twice daily. Check it out now!

2. Entrepreneurs on Fire

If you love listening to business podcasts daily, tune into Entrepreneurs on Fire (if you haven’t already!) and enjoy a daily dose of business content. Owned by John Lee Dumas, this podcast runs 7 days a week where Dumas interviews famous business owners who tell their secret stories of success. In Dumas’s words “My goal with Entrepreneurs On Fire is to deliver the inspiration and strategies you need to FIRE UP your entrepreneurial journey and create the life you’ve always dreamed of.”

3. The BizChix

Are you a female entrepreneur looking for some guidance and business know-how? You must consider listening to The BizChix as it offers tailor-made solutions and suggestions for females, addressing the challenges they might face as a business owners. Natalie Eckdahl, the host of this fantastic business podcast, is a career coach who runs a huge community for female entrepreneurs. She’s the best at helping women create a growth-oriented mind frame and succeed in their businesses and lives. It is the most recommended business podcast of this year.

4. The Mind Your Business Podcast

Oh! The Mind Your Business podcast does not teach you how to mind your business. Rather, it talks about creating a winning mindset for sustained success. James Wedmore, the host of this podcast, emphasizes “mindset over strategy, magic over metrics, and attitude over action.” This podcast will push you to think in a whole new way, making you believe that you are genuinely capable and deserving and that you will succeed. It’s a perfect dose of motivation + business tricks.

5. The $100 MBA

One of the most trending business podcasts of 2024, The $100 MBA is a short, 15-minute byte of business knowledge for budding entrepreneurs or experienced ones. A Wharton dropout, Omar Zenhom, the host of the podcast focuses on everything you must know about building a business. He covers several topics such as investing in your business, strategies for growing your email lists, setting your rates, and much more.


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